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泰美商业科技有限公司 PTX - 名牌網上贸易系統 示範網站系统
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AdWiFi Holding Limited Ltd.
Business Development Director
Mr Navis Or

The hard work and efforts of your team has ensured the completion of the project. The new system 
 has further enhanced our efficiency in arraning and allocating job through the Internet platform.
Thank you 
for your professional service and we look forward to receiving your continuous support
 in the maintenance period.



United Events Ltd. 
Mr Oliver Tong


 Thank you for your time and understanding Daisy! We really appreciate all your help!
Very supportive and responsible! 強烈推薦Intimex service! 


Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Ltd.  
Ms Doris Ng


  We appreciate that Gloria helped us to closely monitor the domain auction
  these days. Thank you very much for everything.


Ms Katherine Yung


  We wish to thank you sincerely for your hard work and effort in making the
QR demo clips.


Deputy CEO
Ms Candice Lam

   The hard work and efforts of your team has ensured the completion
   of the project. The new website has further enhanced our capability in
   communicating and promoting HKSR services through the Internet
   platform. ( Original Letter


Corporate Communications Director, Mr Cliff Choi

   Thanks Daisy again for your support in making our website at least
   accessible and understandable. Please pass my thanks to your colleagues
   who are so helpful.


Baby Dance 
Miss Cathy Lin

   It is a distinct pleasure to recommend the IT and Marketing service of
   Intimex to you. By using their service we received more than double the
   return rate with evidences and our company, therefore, trusted Intimex
   over an amount worth of advertising and web system development and
   we were thrilled with the results. (
Download Recommendation)

Sustainable Forest Holdings Limited

  Her designer got an gift out of her excellent work.  
Thank you all for contributing to the content of the site.  
  Special thanks goes to Jeff So of Intimex for his hard work!

The RC Lee Centenary Scholarship

  Thank you very much for your help, very promptly provided.  I would 
  like to praise your staff who have been most helpful and efficient in
  their work.  Please thank Regina for me for being so client-oriented
  and professional.  With best wishes to you and your business, Clara 

Mr. Perry Fung
Publication Manager

 「On Behalf of TDC web customers, we would like to thank your company
   for providing a high quality, professional web design service during the 
   past year.」



 「與泰美商業科技有限公司合辦“電子商貿系統”研討午宴後對“PTX 百達勝”的功能、



Wallcat Distribution Co., Ltd.

   我司(wallcat Distribution Co.Ltd.)與貴公司(泰美PTX)已合作數年,在此期間貴司
   無論在技術上還是服務上都做得很出色,與之合作無間。 ....( 更多)

   ( 按此下載詳細好評)


名媛 余安安小姐

  Intimex provide a convenient website for me to have a close connection
  with my friends. Their professional customer service and creative web 
  design is highly appreciated. I would like to recommend their service to 
  anyone who
is finding a reliable online web site system.



Ching Chi

Ching Chi Industrial Co., Ltd.